1 - 5 October 2017

Milan, Italy

MIM and Aerospace Applications

Session Chairs:

Prof Dr.-Ing. Frank Petzoldt (Fraunhofer IFAM, Germany)
Mr Keith Murray (Sandvik Osprey Ltd, United Kingdom)

This Special Interest Seminar focuses on MIM in the aerospace sector and will approach the special demands of the aerospace industry on the MIM technology from different  angles. The viewpoints of a MIM part producer and two leading European aircraft engine manufacturers will be presented. Challenges like new high-temperature materials and low volume production are addressed. The seminar will give an outlook on what is required from the end-users’ point of view to increase the portfolio of parts that can be produced for aerospace applications in the future. There will be time for discussion among the audience and with the speakers.

MIM For Aero-Engine Parts – Challenges and Opportunities
Dr.-Ing. Enrico Daenicke (Rolls Royce, Germany)

Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) technology is an established low cost method of manufacture for small, complex, high volume components in a number of industries. Although the technology has shown promise in its limited application to aero-engine parts, its full potential has not yet been realized.

To fully exploit the benefits of the technology it is necessary to develop the MIM process to increase the accuracy and quality of MIM parts, and so to meet stringent aero-engine requirements, and secondly it is necessary to increase the portfolio of parts that can be viably produced at low volumes. This talk will address the opportunities and challenges of the MIM technology for aero-engine parts.


Challenges of Introducing MIM Parts in Aerospace
Dr Sébastien Richard (Safran, France)

Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) is a well-established manufacturing process for small, complex, and high volume components in some industries. Although this process could lead to significant cost savings in aerospace, its massive introduction is still conditioned by both:

  • a better understanding of aerospace requirements by MIM parts producers;
  • a better understanding of the MIM process on aerospace’s side.

The presentation will give examples of topics on which both customer and producer may work together for mutual benefits.


MIM Components for Aerospace Actuation Systems
Dr Pedro Rodriguez (MIMTECH Alfa, Spain)

Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) is a widely used technology for the manufacturing of small and complex-shaped metal parts in high volume series production. This technology is currently used in several industrial sectors (weaponry, automotive, electronics, tooling…) where it has proven to be competitive against other technologies. However, MIM is not being used regularly in the aerospace industry.

MIM TECH ALFA worked in a research project to develop several components of the actuators incorporated in flight control systems. In this lecture, the main technical challenges regarding microstructure, dimensional tolerances, and mechanical and magnetic properties will be explained. Finally, general aspects regarding the difficulties that a MIM manufacturer should face to access the aerospace sector will also be presented.

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