1 - 5 October 2017

Milan, Italy

Welcome from Congress Chairs:

Prof Alberto Molinari

Prof Alberto Molinari (Trento University, Italy)

Ing Matteo Federici

Ing Matteo Federici (SACMI Imola, Italy)


Welcome from the EPMA President

Mr Philippe Gundermann

The European PM Industry – Current Status
Mr Philippe Gundermann (EPMA President)


Plenary Speaker

Eng Massimo Giannozzi

Powder Metallurgy at BHGE Turbomachinery Process Solutions: Advanced Manufacturing for a Smart Factory
Eng. Massimo Giannozzi (Baker Hughes, a GE Company, Italy)

Powder Metallurgy is continuously raising interest in different industrial sectors driven by the effort of cost reduction and speed required by the market. Lower machining cost, reduction of wastage, uniformity and isotropy of the material properties are just some of the benefits PM is driving versus conventional manufacturing methods. Several components of GE gas turbine and compressors are today manufactured by PM in order to reduce time, cost of prototypes, serial production and provide tailored solutions to customers requests.

This speech describes the PM technology in use at BHGE TPS and the development process enabling the components serial production. An overview of future challenges and needs in terms of engineering expertise, material science, equipment capability, including also the effort to address cost and lead time reduction is also presented.


Presentation of the 2017 EPMA Awards

  • PM Thesis Competition (sponsored by Höganäs AB) Höganäs AB
  • Keynote Paper Awards (sponsored by the journal Powder Metallurgy) Taylor & Francis Group
  • EPMA Fellowship Awards
  • Distinguished Service Award
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